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When you’re considering remapping your car, van or motorhome, there’s usually lots of questions that you have about the process, the results, the company carrying out the service, etc, etc.

As it’s a service that you only have done once during your ownership of the vehicle, chances are, most people have little or no experience to compare to.

Then there’s always the ‘know-it-alls‘ in the forums, down the pub & in the garages who tell you all sorts of things about remaps, some good, some bad, and some unbelievable!!

And then every remapping company you look at online tells you they’re the best, they’re the biggest, they’ve done the most remaps until you don’t know what or who to believe.

Well we’re cutting through the B.S. and giving you the cold hard facts, ‘warts-n-all’ as they say.

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