Towing Remap – Remapping For Better Towing

If you tow a caravan, trailer, or horsebox, or drive a vehicle where you are regularly fully laden, then you’ll already know how frustrating it can be if you’re lacking power. This is where a towing remap comes in.

 Remaps For Better Towing

When you tow regularly or drive a van or motorhome ‘full to the brim’, whether, for business or pleasure, you know how great it would be to make your vehicle more powerful and torquey when you’re towing or loaded up.

But you’d also like it to be economical too, and great to drive when your engine’s not under so much strain, and get a few more mpg out of your tank full of fuel.

You may be happy with your daily driver for your everyday use, but it just lacks a little bit of ‘go’ when you’ve got your caravan or trailer on the back?

A Towing Remap is going to be the answer to your prayers – we GUARANTEE it!

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Getting A Remap For Better Towing Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Feel The Difference Immediately After The Remap Is Installed, With Extra Power, Quicker Acceleration, Safer Overtaking, Adding More Smiles To Driving With Safe Extra Performance

David AstburyJeep Grand Cherokee
Read More
Finally going ahead with the remap...I picked the car up a few hours later & straight away l noticed the difference in performance, it was like driving a different felt much more responsive. Ace did a great job l wouldn't hesitate in recommending them
Paul SwidrykDiscovery Sport D180
Read More
...I noticed an immediate improvement, the car feels much better each time l drive it. The power delivery is so much smoother when pulling away...Excellent company to deal with, extremely professional staff. Best money l've spent all year.
Marc WhitlockMazda MPS
Read More
If anyone is thinking of a remap don't go anywhere else, these guys are very professional from start to finish. The technician is a real petrol head & is very passionate about his job & knows his stuff...Well impressed
Ryan WitheyMini John Cooper Works
Read More
...the difference is's just like it should leave the factory. I had Jason come to do mine & couldn't fault the service. Certainly if l have another car & need more power & torque l'll choose Ace Remaps
Bal HarlowMini Cooper S
Read More
The service was excellent both before booking & during the remap visit, and it's backed up by the promise guarantee & the warranty. My mini was quick beforehand but now goes like the proverbial off a shovel right through all 6 gears!
Barry FlisherMotorhome
Read More
Had my motorhome remapped what a difference it has made to the usability, the difference in performance is amazing...we tow a car & cannot believe the difference it's made. The service from Ace very professional & friendly. Would definitely recommend them.
Mark SmithFiat Ducato Motorhome
Read More
Just had my motorhome remapped by Ace. this is the 3rd vehicle l've had done by Ace Remaps. They provide a 1st class service & their product is superb. Thanks guys - Mark
Martin WilliamsPeugeot 208 GTi
Read More
From the moment the enquiry was made until the job was complete, the service was impeccable. Extremely pleased with the way in which we have been treated, this is how all companies should conduct business...a huge thanks for the time you spent on my car.
Dwight ElliottPeugeot Expert
Read More
An awesome job from Ace. From the outset l knew the service provided was going to be 5 start & l was not disappointed. I test drove the van & OMG, what an awesome improvement. I highly recommend Ace if you want professional treatment that will put a grin on your face when you try out the performance. Definitely 5*
Paul PhillipsRange Rover Sport
Read More
Performance remap & what a difference. No more turbo lag. Pulls like a train, really impressed. Great team of people & couldn't have been more helpful & friendly. Came to my car to do the remapping. I test drove the and l'm very happy. Thanks guys.
Grant MorrisRange Rover TDV8
Read More
Fabulous result all round. Made to feel very welcome and has a professional feel about the place.Overtaking puts a smile on your face as it feels so much quicker.These guys know their stuff and are worth the fee. Thinking about doing it, get it done, you will not regret the decision. Great job Ace.
Rich BarrettSaab 93
Read More
Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish...To say l'm happy is an understatement. I've got a great increase in power & torque and a very large smile on my face. Brilliant company, please use them, you won't be diappointed.
Joshua AllenSeat Leon TDi
Read More
Fantastic! What a difference! Great job, very professional and a great service all round. Massively recommend! I loved my car before but now it's on another level! Thanks Ace Remaps
Greg LawsonSkoda Superb
Read More
Got my Skoda remapped with the performance package, have to say the difference is very noticable, car is much more responsive and getting better mpg to boot too! Feels like the car has shredded half of it's weight when accelerating. Top notch, would recommend.

Completed Within 1 Hour With Immediate Results

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Which Vehicles Benefit From Remaps For Towing?

You’ll find that turbocharged diesel and petrol engined vehicles benefit the most from towing remapping, whether you have a car, van, 4×4, camper, motorhome or pretty much anything with an engine, an ECU (Engine Control Unit) and a way of accessing the data files.

If you have a normally aspirated engine in your vehicle,  then in reality, the gains you are likely to see are usually minimal (there are some exceptions), but usually not be worth the cost of a remap for improving towing power.

Your turbo-diesel car, van or motorhome (like TDi, TDCi, CDi, DCi, etc) will see the biggest improvements in towing power from remapping for towing, and will also be significantly better to drive when you’re not towing or weighed down.

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'Different Is Not The Word'

Had my Motorhome remapped what a difference it has made to the usability of the Motorhome the difference in performance is amazing.

Had it remapped as we tow a car cannot believe the difference it has made. The service from Ace very professional and friendly would definitely recommend them.
Barry Flisher

Fiat Ducato - Towing Remap

What Difference Will A Towing Remap Make

If you’re like most of our other customers, the first thing you’ll notice after your new map has be installed is just how much better your vehicle is to drive, compared to the standard settings.

Your vehicle will instantly feel that bit more lively and responsive, with noticable increases in power and torque.

Having that extra pulling power means youll be able to pull away better, hold your speed more easily when cruising & overtake more safely as the need arises.

And when you’re not towing and/or un-laden, you’ll be able to use the extra power & torque to change up through the gears a little sooner & holding higher gears longer, which should result in increased mpg too – BONUS!



If You Tow With One Of These Brands You’ll Be AMAZED At The Extra Power You’ll Get From An Ace Towing Remap!

…and this is just a tiny selection of an enormous range of vehicles we can remap for better towing

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How Do Towing Remaps Safely Increase Power

Whether you choose a performance, economy, or towing remap, we always carry out some initial vehicle checks & diagnostics before we’ll consider installing a new map.

If all checks out ok, we then download the files from the ECU, for them to be re-calibrated & optimised before these revised settings being reloaded into the ECU again.

As the ECU controls all the functions of your engine, these new calibrations allow your engine to bring the power in a little bit lower down the rev range & keep it going through the mid range.

This is achieved by adding some turbo boost a little lower down the rev range to remove/reduce some of the turbo lag, for better response and power down low.

Some of the torque curves and limits are also optimised to give more power through the lower & mid rev range, where the peak torque can be found, to give that ‘punch’ you need to move the extra weight you’re pulling/carrying.

With An Ace Towing Remap You'll Also Get....

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Step 3:
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the improvements we make to your car, van or motorhome, we'll return it to the standard settings & give you all of your money back - NO QUIBBLE!


What Does A Remap For Towing Cost

There are a few different ways in which your towing remap can be installed, which depending on the connection method required for your specific vehicle’s ECU, as well as the development time, means that the remap price varies from vehicle to vehicle.

The best & easiest way to get an accurate cost to remap your vehicle is to enter your vehicle and contact details is you click 1 of the buttons on any of our pages.

We’ll then be able to give you an accurate economy remap cost for your specific make and model of vehicle, so click the button & ‘get the ball rolling

Get A Towing Remapping Price & Details For YOUR Specific Vehicle

Other Towing Remap Benefits You'll Love;

Less Turbo Lag – that’s the slight delay you get when you put your foot down to accelerate. A performance remap will never be able to remove that, but can dramatically reduce it.

More torque & power – your remap will give you far more power & torque, particularly in the higher gears (3rd upwards) to enable you to change gear earlier & stay in higher gears longer for better MPG.

Smoother power delivery – all the little ‘flat spots’ from the manufacturer’s settings get ironed out for a much smoother & more responsive drive.

A little something extra – is it just us, or is there something satisfying about knowing that your car, van or motorhome has been remapped and is just better. It gives you a grin of satisfaction & makes you feel good inside we think.

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