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As a Mercedes owner you’ll only want the best for your vehicle, which is why if you’re considering remapping, you should ensure that you choose a quality remap from a trusted & experienced tuning company.

Mercedes ECU Remapping & Tuning

Mercedes are well know for their quality cars, vans & motorhomes, as well as the luxury and performance of their range of vehicles & engines.

So if you do own a Mercedes, you’ll want to ensure any ECU remapping or engine tuning you consider only further enhances the characteristics of the driving experience.

But if you’re wondering if a remap would make your Mercedes better, we’ve de-risked you trying it out with our money back guarantee.

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Software Warranty With EVERY Remap

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Mercedes Remapping Benefits..

Here’s the main features & benefits you’ll appreciate from our Mercedes tuning & remapping service

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'What A Difference'

"Had a remap on my C250d and what a difference.

So much more torque.

Hats off to you guys, very polite and nice to talk to.

Keep up the good work.

Kevin Wright
Mercedes C250d

Tuning & Remapping For Mercedes Benz

Mercedes AMG Remap

Your Mercedes is already a great car, and probably already performs well, but it could have even better performance, quicker throttle response, & stronger power delivery with a quality performance remap.

By carefully remapping your Mercedes Benz ECU, we can optimise the software settings to improve the efficiency of the engine, and safely but significantly increase the bhp and torque it produces, right across the rev range.

This extra power and the performance gains will make your vehicle even more of a pleasure to drive, with less lag, quicker acceleration, and a far more spirited driving experience all round.

If you’d like to know more about performance tuning for your model of petrol or diesel Mercedes, click the link

You'll Be AMAZED At The Safe But Significant Increases You Can Get With An Ace Remap - Your Mercedes Remapping Specialist

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Fuel Economy Gains From A To E Class & Everything Inbetween

Mercedes GLE250d Remapped Mobile

If you’d like to improve the fuel economy of your Mercedes petrol or diesel car, van or motorhome, then having an ECU remap from a trusted remapping company is a great way to go about it.

By tuning the software in your Mercedes engine management system, it is possible to make your engine work even more efficiently, which leads to improved mpg for virtually every model in the Mercedes range.

So whether you drive a petrol engined car, or a turbo diesel van or motorhome, our specialist Mercedes Benz economy tuning will help you save money on fuel as well as having to make less trips to the fuel station to fill up!

To find out more about economy remaps just click the link

What Makes Us Different?

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We've been in the motor industry for over 20 years, carrying out remapping since 2009, with over 7000+ remaps installed

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Team Of Technicians

Not just a '1 Man Band' like some. We have a team of trained technicians with our own in house certification up to Master Tech.

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Master Tuning Equipment

The latest genuine master tuning equipment & software. We're not slaved to just 1 tuning company (like many others), enabling us to install the best remap for your vehicle & your needs.

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Brick & Mortar Operation

We operate from a fully equipped, modern Car Care Centre where you can come & see us if you prefer. We're not a 'man-in-a-van' or 'here today - gone tomorrow' operation looking to make a quick buck!

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Family Business

Mum, Dad, & Daughter work in this family business. It's more than just a job. It's our future. We intend to be here for the future, so looking after & keeping customers is our Number 1 priority

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ECU Remapping Mercedes Benz Across The Midlands

Whether you want your Mercedes tuning to give you great performance gains, more economy or improved towing power, you’ll love having an Ace Remap – We guarantee it.

And with our completely mobile Mercedes remapping specialist service across the Midlands Area, it’s really convenient for you to have an Ace tuning specialist carry it out, whether that’s at your house or at your workplace.


3 Mercs Remapped
Mercedes Engine Cover
Software Remapping Mercedes ECU

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Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the improvements we make to your car, van or motorhome, we'll return it to the standard settings & give you your money back!


Mobile Mercedes Remapping

Being a Mercedes remapping specialist, we have all the software & equipment ‘on-board’ and even have our own power supply to carry out the whole process wherever your vehicle is located.

You can also have your remap installed on a day to suit you, as we work 6 days from Monday to Saturday, so there’s usually a day to fit into your schedule.

We also have a fully equipped Car Care Centre at our HQ in Shrewsbury, where we carry out some of the more complex remapping installations, where you’re always welcome to have your remap if you’d also like to meet the team & see the other automotive services we carry out.

If you’d like to know what we can do for the engine of your specific Mercedes make & model, you can always give us a call or request an on-line quote by clicking one of the buttons.

Completed Within A Few Hours With Immediate Results

Software Warranty With EVERY Remap

Money Back Guarantee

Mobile Service At Your Home Or Work Place

Have had 4 Mercedes done GLE GLC and 2 A180s. Amazed at performance improvements.

Engines all have so much more torque, far more fun to drive and improvement in MPG.

Engineer came to house on time and carried out the work quickly and efficiently, road tested with me to demonstrate improvement.

Great job, thanks

Nathan Turner
Mercedes GLE, GLC & A180 x2

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