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Do you own a petrol or diesel engined car, van or motorhome in the West Midlands and would like to safely get more power & torque, as well as make it drive & tow better, and be more economical too

If you answered yes then you’ll love our remapping service.

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Car Tuning & Remapping In The West Midlands

If you’ve got a modern vehicle (ie 2001 or newer) then by carefully tuning & optimising the ECU (Engine Control Unit or engine management system) settings with a quality remap, it will set free the hidden power, performance & improved mpg that was previously locked away.

Vehicle remapping is the modern method of car tuning to improve the efficiency of the diesel or petrol engine, and make it better to drive as well as use less fuel.

With different remaps available to suit your driving style and objectives, we know from the 7000+ vehicles we’ve remapped since 2009 that you’re going to love your remapped car, van, or motorhome.

But if you don’t, we don’t want you to keep it & we’ll reset it back to standard & give you your money back. 

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Our Remap Services For West Mildands Car Owners

You Will Instantly Feel The Difference In The Way Your Vehicle Drives & Performs


You can safely have the power & torque increased to improve the performance & acceleration of your vehicle.


By finely tuning engine settings, your car, van or motorhome engine will run more efficiently enabling you to get more MPG.


The extra low down torque & improved throttle response will make towing or lugging heavy loads a whole lot easier.


No matter what type your vehicle is, having extra power & better throttle response improves your driving pleasure & fun.

West Midlands Performance Tuning & ECU Remapping

With All Modern Cars, Vans & Motorhomes, They Have An ECU Which Controls The Functions Of The Engine, And By Remapping (Or Electronically Tuning) The Settings Inside This Engine Management System, You Can Release Increases In Bhp And Torque, Giving You Safe Extra Performance.

The Towns We Cover Across The West Midlands: Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Dudley, Walsall, Solihull, West Bromwich, Halesowen, Sutton Coldfield, Berkswell, Stourbridge, Edgbaston, and more.

As well as this, a quality remap installed by a professional tuning & remapping company will also make your vehicle drive better, with more instant throttle response, and improved power delivery & performance for faster acceleration for quicker & safer overtaking.

We’re so confident that our performance ECU remaps will give you the safe but significant improvements you’re looking for, without any further modifications, that we guarantee it or all of your money back.

As we’ve installed remaps in more than 7000 petrol & diesel vehicles since we started in offering the service in 2009, we’ve got amazing feedback & reviews from our customers to give us that confidence.

If you’d like to know more about a performance remap just click the link or find out what your own vehicle engine has hidden away by clicking the button for a free quote. 

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Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the improvements we make to your car, van or motorhome, we'll return it to the standard settings & give you your money back!


Benefits Of Vehicle Engine ECU Tuning & Remapping If You're In The West Midlands

There are many benefits to remapping your vehicle, and quality remaps installed by professionals will bring out the true potential of your engine that’s being strangled by the manufacturers set-up to cope with the worst worldwide conditions.

Depending upon which of the remaps you choose, will determine the main benefits you’ll enjoy from our remapping services, but safe to say, they all make your engine perform better.

You can discover exactly what increases you could get from your exact make & model of car, van or motorhome by clicking any of the buttons to get full details of costs and figures.

Or if you’d like to find out more about our performanceeconomy or towing remaps, just click the appropriate link.

No Matter Which Turbo Diesel Or Petrol Vehicle You Own We Can Remap It For You

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Call One Of The West Midlands Remap Team About Remapping Your Car On 01743 466100

What's Include With Your Ace Remap?

If You Want Your Vehicle To Be In Safe & Experienced Hands Then This Is Why You Should Consider Ace Remaps…

Started Remapping Vehicles In The West Midlands & Now Have Over A Decade Of Experience
We've Remapped Over 7023 Cars, Vans & Motorhomes And Counting
Huge Range Of Vehicle Applications Supported By Our Various Tuning Tools

Professional Mobile Remaps At Your Home Or Work Throughout The West Midlands

If you’re in the West Midlands area, then you’ll appreciate the mobile remapping service we offer.

Our fully mobile service means we can come to your home or where you work & install one of our custom ECU remaps in your vehicle with the minimum of hassle or time off for you.

With everything we need (including power for our remapping software & equipment) we’ve tried to make our remap services as convenient for you as possible, removing as many obstacles as we can in the way of you enjoying one of the performanceeconomy or towing remaps we offer.

So whether you’re in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall, Solihull or anywhere else in the West Mids, with mobile remaps we can come to you! (but you’re also always welcome to come to us if you’d prefer).

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We Come To You Across The West Midlands

Look At The Feedback Of Customers From The West Midlands

We’re Very Proud To Have Over 600 Google & Facebook Reviews From The West Midlands

Simon Griffiths
Simon Griffiths
Birmingham, West Midlands
Read More
The technician came all the way to Birmingham to do the remap. Gave him the keys and one hour later he gave me a ring (inside my work), and all done. My Jag runs brilliantly now.
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor
Willenhall, West Midlands
Read More
Personalised customer service, open and honest and delivered a high end, transparent service giving peace of mind. Definitely recommend and grin factor is off the scale 😍😁😎🤘
Darren Calvely
Darren Calvely
Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Read More
improved my cars performance and much better acceleration, fully recommended.
Mark Kenny
Mark Kenny
Solihull, West Midlands
Read More
I booked James to come to my home to remap my T5 transporter. He was very professional and clearly knew what he was doing. The van now feels like it’s been on a diet and lost half a ton. Pull’s much better, load’s more torque and just easier to drive.

So, Why Would You Choose Ace Remaps To Remap Your Car?

We’re Not Right For Everyone In The West Midlands …. But We Might Be Just Right For YOU!

Just A Few Brands We Regularly Remap Throughout The West Midlands....

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Have More Fun Driving!

No matter whether you own a family car, sports car, work van or motorhome, adding an extra ‘dollop’ of power & torque creates a whole different driving experience.

And it’s not only the extra BHP that makes an Ace remapped vehicle more fun to drive, it’s also the way it responds when you hit the throttle, and feels so much more lively.

It can be really frustrating if you’ve got an underpowered or unresponsive vehicle, and makes it no fun to drive, especially if it’s something like a large van or motorhome which struggles to get up to & keeping up to speed with other traffic.

Adding that safe extra power & torque makes your journey so much more relaxing & less frustrating.

Here’s what our customers say…..

Andy Ludford
Andy Ludford
Read More
This is third vehicle that I’ve had ACE Remaps carry out the remap for me, and what a fantastic difference it makes to the vehicle! Every time it amazes me how prompt they are at carrying it out, at my convenience, during work hours whilst the vehicle is with me. Within a week from booking to completion, fantastic, professional service, whilst adhering to social distancing. The drive home last night was sensational. If you’ve ever considered having it carried out on your car, speak to Lee or James, they can inform you of the difference it will make.....and boy, what a difference it makes! Great service yet again, thank you ACE!☺️
James Miller
Read More
Booked in to have my 2015 Jeep Renegade remapped. Kyle was professional and explained the process well. The results.....well immediate, the torque is night and day to how my vehicle was previously. Highly recommend this company
Mark Newnham-Payne
Mark Newnham-Payne
Read More
To be honest, I thought I would only see a small change in performance. I am however nicely surprised how much greater it in fact is. The car now has so much more grunt and is running so much smoother. The guys in the office were all very polite and professional to deal with. Many thanks Guys
Paul Swidryk
Read More
I was looking at getting extra power out of my Land Rover Discovery Sport D180. After some research and a few chats with ACE I went for it, their service was second to none. Their technician turned up on time at my house and installed a remap, I have been closely monitoring the changes for a little over a month and even though I noticed an immediate improvement the car feels better each time I drive it. The power delivery is so much smoother low down when pulling away and altogether less snatchy. I can safely safe the MPG has not suffered at all. Excellent company to deal with extremely professional staff. Best money I've spent all year.
Paul Whitfield
Paul Whitfield
Read More
You no the saying it does exactly what it says on the tin, well it does exactly what they say when they speak my car went in today for a terra clean and remap 2 hours later my car was ready and even washed it the difference in the power and performance is out standing its certainly something to get excited about no matter how old you are these guy no what there doing this is my second remap I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Find Out The Improvements We Could Make To Your Vehicle

Enter your details in the boxes below & press the green button, and we’ll email & text you the performance increases, options available & prices for each.