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If you own an Audi & are looking to improve the performance, economy and/or towing capabilities of your car or 4×4, then you should definitely take a look at our specialist Audi ECU remaps.

Audi Tuning & ECU Remapping

Remapping your Audi for performance or economy is the quickest, safest & best ‘bang for your buck’ car tuning you can get, and we’re so sure you’ll love it we GUARANTEE IT!

If our ECU remapping doesn’t deliver what we’ve said, or you’re unhappy with it in any way, then with our no quibble money back guarantee, we’ll refund your money.

So whether you’re looking for better fuel economy & mpg, or improving the performance with more power & torque, our specialist performance tuning service will deliver amazing results.

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Completed Within A Few Hours With Immediate Results

Software Warranty With EVERY Remap

Money Back Guarantee

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Audi Remapping Benefits...

Here’s the main features & benefits you’ll appreciate from our Audi tuning & remapping service

Audi Remap Review

'Acceleration Is Phenomenal'

"What a difference in performance, acceleration is phenomenal through the whole range & even fuel consumption is better.

The service is second to none

Chris Jones
Audi Q3 - Performance Remap

Performance Tuning Your Audi

Audi Remap

Car ECU tuning for extra performance is the most popular service we have been offering since 2009, which makes us specialists in our field. And we’ve been Audi tuning with our engine remaps since day 1.

No matter which model of modern Audi car or 4×4 your own, if it has a turbo diesel or turbo petrol engine, we’re confident we can improve the way your vehicle drives & performs with our performance tuning.

By carefully optimising the settings in the ECU of your Audi ECU, we can safely increase power & torque, as well as improve the throttle response, giving it more performance & making your Audi more fun to drive.

You’ll Be AMAZED At The Safe But Significant Increases You Can Get From A Specialist Audi Remap From Ace Remaps!

Audi Remapping

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Audi ECU Remapping For Fuel Economy

Audi Car ECU Tuning

Don’t think that Audi tuning is just about performance, because as the engine works more efficiently with the optimised software settings we use when tuning your ECU, this also means that if you drive it sensibly, you can also see good gains in mpg too!

From our experience, Audi TDi owners report back fuel economy improvements of around 15% in most cases, and even petrol turbo engines use less fuel if you’re sensible with the accelerator.

Whilst we can guarantee more performance from car tuning your Audi’s engine with our remap, the economy of your vehicle is more down to how you use your cars new engine characteristics, but we know the fuel savings are there to be had – we have personal experience.

What Makes Us Different?

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We've been in the motor industry for over 20 years, carrying out remapping since 2009, with over 2639 remaps installed

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Team Of Technicians

Not just a '1 Man Band' like some. We have a team of trained technicians with our own in house certification up to Master Tech.

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Master Tuning Equipment

The latest genuine master tuning equipment & software. We're not slaved to just 1 tuning company (like many others), enabling us to install the best remap for your vehicle & your needs.

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Brick & Mortar Operation

We operate from a fully equipped, modern Car Care Centre where you can come & see us if you prefer. We're not a 'man-in-a-van' or 'here today - gone tomorrow' operation looking to make a quick buck!

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Family Business

Mum, Dad, & Daughter work in this family business. It's more than just a job. It's our future. We intend to be here for the future, so looking after & keeping customers is our Number 1 priority

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Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the improvements we make to your car, van or motorhome, we'll return it to the standard settings & give you your money back!


Call One Of Our Team About YOUR Audi ECU Remap On 01743 466100 

Which Audi Models Remap The Best?

Nearly every model of Audi from 2001 can be remapped, however the engines which benefit the most are the turbo diesel & turbo petrol / supercharged engine cars & 4×4’s, especially the ones which have another more powerful version in the range, with the same engine size, as these are usually de-tuned versions.

An example of this would be ECU remapping for the Audi A3/A4 which has the same sized engines with different std power outputs in the range.

These are just de-tuned/re-tuned versions of the same engine.


Audi A1 Remap
Audi A4 Remap
Audi RS3 Performance ECU Remapping

Completed Within A Few Hours With Immediate Results

Software Warranty With EVERY Remap

Money Back Guarantee

Mobile Service At Your Home Or Work Place

‘Absolutely Fantastic’

“Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, very friendly knowledgable staff, brilliant communications & the results of the remapping have left a massive smile on my face.

My Audi A6 is so much more responsive, quicker off the mark and just seems easier to drive, effortless.

Top quality service, would absolutely recommend

Matt Norgrove – Audi A6

Audi Remapping Specialist

Audi Model Range We Regularly Remap

Audi Remapping

A1 - A8 Range

Audi Remapping

Q2 - Q8 Range

Audi Remapping

S1 - S8 Range

Audi Remapping

RS3 - RS7 Range

Audi Remapping

SQ2 - SQ8 Range

Audi Remapping

R8 Range

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