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How Long Does A Remap Take To Install

On average, it takes us 1 to 2 hours to install a remap from start to finish. However, in rare circumstances where the connection to the ECU is more complex, it can take between 4 and 6 hours. This total time includes our pre-remap checks, which include doing a visual inspection, an error code read of the ECU to ensure there are no faults, a test drive, and other tests. Once the remap is installed, we conduct further post-remap testing to make sure it’s fully safe before handing you back the keys.

how long does a remap take
Our Remapping Specialists Take Between 1-2 Hours On Average To Remap Your Vehicle

What Is A Remap And How Does It Work

A remap is a process where we adjust the settings on your engine to get more performance out of it. We do this by changing many parameters of how the car operates to increase its performance and fuel economy aspects.

We start by connecting to your car’s engine control unit (ECU). This lets us see what settings are currently being used and how we can best optimize them to deliver more performance, economy, and towing help. Once our specialist has determined what can be done and is safe to do so, we then make changes to these settings and test them out on the road. Once we’re happy with the new settings, we save them onto the ECU and conduct further tests to make sure it’s totally safe for you to use.

Which Part Of The Remap Takes The Longest To Do

The entire process of remapping usually takes around 1-2 hours to complete, although this varies depending on the vehicle’s make and model. The tuning process itself is usually the quickest part, with our remapping specialists going through your vehicle’s checks and diagnosis to ensure everything is ready for the vehicle to be remapped.

However, the actual remap file creation can take longer. Our remapping specialists write custom software for your exact vehicle from scratch, meaning the process takes longer than picking a ‘generic’ or one-size-fits-all remap. Once the file has been created, it needs to be loaded onto the vehicle’s computer. Finally, once the file is loaded, the car needs to be test-driven with further checks to make sure that everything is working correctly before it’s handed back to the owner.

You can watch our video on the remapping process below:

Who Can Install A Remap

If you’re thinking about getting a remap, you’ll be considering who to trust to install your remap on your pride & joy. The answer is that a well-experienced, knowledgable and professional remapping company will be able to remap most vehicles on the road today. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the remapping company has done plenty of vehicles like yours, and/or ones similar. You need to be confident that the remapping company you choose to add more performance and economy into your engine has done plenty of other vehicles and they’re confident that they can deliver a first-class service and product for you.

Why Consider Ace Remaps To Install Your Remap

Remaps are one of the best ways to improve your vehicle’s performance and economy. Ace remaps have installed remaps on over 5,000 plus vehicles today, and have over 1,000+ 5* reviews across Facebook and Google. Ours remaps speak for themselves, but in case you don’t love your remap you get a full 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

To find out exactly how long you’ll remap will take along with performance and economy tuning increases, click the link to get a quote for your engine with zero obligation. Thanks for considering Ace remaps!

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Simon Griffiths
Simon Griffiths
Birmingham, West Midlands
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The technician came all the way to Birmingham to do the remap. Gave him the keys and one hour later he gave me a ring (inside my work), and all done. My Jag runs brilliantly now.
Hayley Hoskins
Hayley Hoskins
Malvern, Worcester
Read More
Fantastic customer service from start to finish and very pleased with the results. Thank you to Jason who came to my home to complete the work who was very efficient
Danny Beason
Danny Beason
Bicton, Shrewsbury
Read More
Excellent service from Lee and the team, high recommended and excellent value for money. Over the moon with the new power improvements 😁

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